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Durable solutions

We are currently testing specific American requirements. Coroplast commits to the highest technological requirements and already adheres to the stringent specifications of the European markets.

At Coroplast, we offer you durable solutions. Whether you're glueing the seams of vapour barrier sheets when converting a loft or remodelling, you're glueing wooden boards (e.g. chipboard) in wood frame construction or glueing sarking or underlays. Coroplast adhesive tape is always a good choice.

In loft conversion and dry mortar work, safety and durability are of utmost priority. Therefore, Coroplast has developed a new product range particularly for this area featuring a new and innovative generation of glues: the RPX series. The outstanding advantages of these Coroplast adhesive tapes are easy handling, extreme adhesive power and the moisture resistance of the used adhesive. Hence, the products of the Coroplast PRX adhesive tape series are particularly suitable for inside remodelling use, where increased moisture is present during the construction phase. Furthermore, the RPX adhesive tapes are also a first choice for roof and facade sheeting, since they are weatherproof for a certain amount of time. The rolls are packed in transparent foil individually, and stay clean and unsoiled until being used. A clean and durable solution for craftspeople and constructors.

Coroplast RPX adhesive tapes for roof expansion are very low in emissions. This has now been officially tested and confirmed. The products Coroplast 1410 RPX and Coroplast 1430 RPX are one of the few roof expansion adhesive tapes to bear the EMICODE® EC1 plus test seal - very low in emissions - of the GEV (Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Floor Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials). Products with the EMICODE® mark are innovative, solvent-free very low-emission building products that offer you as the user and your customers the greatest possible safety with a view to non-polluted room air and thus also your health. EMICODE® EC1 plus is one of the world's strictest test and quality seals in the area of emissions and health protection for consumers. Further information can be found at www.emicode.com.

NEW: Coroplast Pure Aluminium - Adhesive Tape 1542 AWX free of VOC content - now confirmed

There is evidence that indoor air contains a large number of volatile organic compounds (VOC). These materials have differing chemical characters and potentials for effect. Almost all materials that are used in modern constructions are possible sources of VOC. Thus, today components, mortar and other construction elements can contain ingredients that contain plastic and solvents. The range extends further to wall coverings, flooring, isolation materials, furniture, colours, varnish and adhesives for interior expansion. The pure aluminium adhesive tape Coroplast 1542 AWX equipped with UV-crosslinked acrylate adhesive has been tested intensively for VOC values by test institute Eurofins. No VOC values were demonstrated in this strict test. For this reason, the AWX-series product rightly bears the test seal with the best classification, A+, and thus offers the highest possible safety for your living health.

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To obtain further information, please feel free to contact Ms Anja Ferrer, or use our contact form.

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