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Often people say insulating tape, but what they really mean is Coroplast. We offer a very large variety of insulation tapes based on soft PVC and halogen-free materials in many colours, sizes and strengths.

Our insulation tapes are suitable for many applications within the electrical trade:

  • Insulation (even high-voltage insulation)
  • Bundling and sheathing of cables
  • Cable jacket repairing
  • Antenna construction
  • Cushioning of cables and cable heads

We completely abstain from using solvents in the production of our products. The acrylate adhesives we use are superior to other alternative adhesives with respect to curing behaviour and durability against environmental conditions.

For the electrical field, we offer plastic-supported fabric adhesive tapes - Coroplast Corotex 800 and 8005 - for the marking and labelling of cables or electrical cabinet components. Available in eight colours and a large variety of measurements.

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