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Fastening and joining tape systems

Joining techniques often require integral non-dissolvable material bonds. For this very purpose Coroplast has designed five different product series of industrial joining- and bonding applications.

  • 4000 series: Polyethylene adhesive foam tapes
    Single- or two-sided self-adhesive closed-cell PE foam with different volumetric weights, colours and glue systems
  • 5000 series: Polyurethane adhesive foam tapes
    single-sided self-adhesive open-cell PUR foam, equipped with dispersed acrylate glue in various strengths, pre-compressed
  • 6000 series: Transferable adhesive tape
    Glue-films of various strengths and performance profiles achieved by using different glue component systems; glue coated on non-adhesive separator sheet
  • 7000 series: Thin, two-sided adhesive tapes on carrier
    two-sided self-adhesive, thin carrier materials (PET foil, non-woven fabric paper) with various glue component systems
  • 9000 SPT Series: High-performance adhesive tapes
    made from homogeneous foamed acrylate glue with an excellent performance profile in various colours and strengths

Connecting, sealing, damping or cushioning

With Coroplast adhesive tapes you're on the safe side, no matter what you're working on:

  • Mirror mounting (LGA certified)
  • Mounting bar bonding (Window Technology Institute Rosenheim certified)
  • Self-adhesive equipping of mouldings and plastic profiles
  • Pad tape for window manufacturing
  • Bonding of automotive attachable parts

Customized solutions

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You can order our tapes on single rolls with a range of core diameters (standard 3") and lengths – with additional overlapping liners if required. We also offer log rolls or converter rolls on request.

Level wound spools
Appropriate for machine applications, we can offer a range of tapes on level wound spools. Product widths of 4 mm to 29 mm are available (depending on material). To accelerate the application process you can order level wound spools with overlapping liners.

Die-cut parts
We can offer you die-cut parts custom-designed to meet your specifications. Choose from a range of product options: on rolls, on sheets, single parts, perforated, with or without finger lifts or overlapping liners.

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