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Extraordinary requirements, special solutions: Coroplast adhesive tapes

We're passionate about developing adhesive tapes - and we enjoy it even more if our customers have challenging requirements. The results are premium Coroplast products for special tasks:

  • Tape for bundling and sheathing cables
    (Soft-PVC-Adhesive tape 331 Soft-PVC-Adhesive tape 332)
  • fabric tape for cushioning cables and cable heads
    (Two-sided fabric adhesive tape 805)
  • Adhesive foil for the lamination and protection of book covers, drawings and assembly boards
    (PVC adhesive foil 902 PVC adhesive foil 904)
  • Assembly utility adhesive tape for foil sealing at construction sites
    (PP adhesive tape 918)
  • Premium fabric tape for all construction works at construction sites, exhibitions and in industry applications
    (Fabric adhesive tape, duct tape 8200)
  • Wrapping tape for orthopaedic applications
    (Soft-PVC-Adhesive tape 331 Soft-PVC-Adhesive tape 332)
  • Fabric tape for hoof maintenance on hoofed animals
    (Two-sided fabric adhesive tape 805)
  • Cable tape for cable assembly sheathing
    (Cable tape BB 36 Cable tape BC 32)
  • Fabric tape for the in-transit protection of bumpers from scratching and soiling
    (Fabric tape 8130)

We are development partner for our customers even for non-adhesive tapes:

  • PVC tape for the production of insulation sheaths for residential piping
    (PVC tape BB 32)
  • Cable tape for covering in electroplating applications
    (Cable tape BB 36 Cable tape BC 32)
  • detectable warning tape stainless-steel clad for the protection of non-metallic piping
    (Location warning tape BCR 17)
  • Covering tape for cable trays or as substitute cover
    (PVC covering tape BCR 21)
  • Location warning tape for the marking of subterranean cables and piping
    (Location warning tape BCR 26)

Sometimes, our customers surprise us. They use our products successfully in applications they were never meant for:

  • Non-adhesive PVC tapes - the so-called cable tapes, that are usually used to cushion sector cables - nowadays also find application as covering material in electroplating or as sheathing material in industrially manufactured pipe insulations.
  • Printed or metal-clad PVC tapes have found use as location warning tapes for decades.
  • Transparent PVC tapes by Coroplast are also successfully deployed in orthopaedics.
  • The soaked fabric tape Coroplast 805 is meant for cable assembly, but also well suitable for hoof care in hoofed animals.
  • The transparent PVC adhesive foil (Coroplast 902 904) are well suited to protect books, but can also be used to fixate and protect drawings in production processes.
  • The aluminised PP adhesive tape (Coroplast 918) and the duct tape (Coroplast 8200) find universal use in most applications.

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