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Coroplast adhesive tapes - good ideas on a roll.

Coroplast adhesive tapes - good ideas on a roll Adhesive and insulating tapes from Coroplast fill your needs in many different applications. Whether it is cable assembly production, electrical trade, consumer products, heating and sanitary, technical insulation, loft conversion and remodelling, as corrosion protection for piping, and the bonding technique field bonding technique or even for special applications with unique requirements.

In order to ensure the quality of our Coroplast adhesive tapes, we develop all our products right here in Germany - to produce adhesive tapes you can trust. It is only this way that we can assure that our Coroplast adhesive tapes are not mere utilities to our customers, but a quality tool they can count on. Thus, we do sometimes choose unconventional methods when it comes to raw materials choice, formulation and process design. Some of our products and problem solutions have even afforded us a reputation of being true pioneers.

To obtain further information, please feel free to contact Anja Ferrer.

For which area you want to use Coroplast adhesive tapes?

Automotiv, Kabelsatzherstellung

wire harness production

Dachausbau, Innenausbau

Loft conversion,

Elektroinstallation, Elektroindustrie

Electrical installation,
electrical industry

Korrosionsschutzbandagen & Isolierbänder

Corrosion protection
bandages & Insulating tape

Sanitär, Heizung, Klima

Sanitary, heating, AC,
technical insulation

Klebebänder Sonderanwendungen

Special applications

Dichten, Dämpfen, Weichlagern

Bonding technique, sealing,
dampening, cushioning


Sales utilities,
countertop displays,
consumer products


Nadine Axmann
Phone: +1 803 207 8334


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Loft Conversion
Grip Tapes Samples
Fastening & Joining Systems

To obtain further information, please feel free to contact Ms Anja Ferrer, or use our contact form.

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