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Two Coroplast technicians

I finished my training as an electronics engineer for automation technology in the summer of 2012 and received the grade "very good". Training typically lasts 3.5 years but I was able to finish in 3 years due to my good performance. This would not have been possible without the support of my training company, to whom I am still grateful to this day.

I spent the first 1.5 years of my training in an external "trainee workshop" in Remscheid where I learned the fundamentals of metalworking, electrical installation and SPS technology. The technical knowledge I gained there would help me tremendously with gathering experience at the company. My superiors during my training period were determined to pass on all their technical knowledge to me. Even when things got hectic, they always took time for my questions.

Today, I am employed in the Technical Department and responsible for changing the programs on the machines to increase productivity, repairing and servicing machines and adjusting the touch panels that control the machines.

Moreover, I run small projects in which I can really apply my knowledge. Because I picked a very fast-paced job, I never stop continuing my education. Currently, I am attending the Technical University in Wuppertal and am taking evening classes to get my degree as a state-certified electrical engineer specialising in automation. This is a four-year degree and I have finished the first year.

It is still very fun for me to learn new things every day, to always be faced with new challenges and to pass on my knowledge to trainees and other employees and benefit from my colleagues' knowledge.

I am very happy I picked this path and am proud to be a Coroplast employee. Maybe one day you will be able to say the same for you.

Tim Joest